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The Rocklin Youth Lacrosse Club is powered by parent volunteers.  In order for the club to exist and be successful, we require parent volunteer hours on behalf of each player.  Because the players can only play when we cover the required shifts for every game, each family will be required to volunteer for these shifts during some of the games. The roles are not complicated, anyone can do them, and a short training will be provided for the parents volunteering for each role. 
During the online registration process, you will rank the parent volunteer roles in order of preference. Once team rosters are finalized, the Club’s volunteer coordinator will notify you of the position to which you have been assigned. The volunteer coordinator will attempt to give you your top choice of position, but this will depend on every role being covered.
Please take a moment to read each of the job descriptions below before starting online registration so you are familiar with the expectations.
Scorekeeper/Timer/Spotter (7-9 per team)
Home Games require 1 scorekeeper and 1 timekeeper. Away games require 1 spotter.  A 1-2 hour training will be required prior to the start of the season, after which the volunteer will be trained as a scorekeeper, timer, and spotter, and will be prepared to sign up for the various shifts throughout the season. Shifts will be evenly divided among the volunteers.
Scorekeeper (1 person per home game) 
  • Hand score sheets to coaches at the end of the game 
  • Keep official score 
  • Bring a copy of the roster (from team coordinator) with names of players in numerical order by jersey number and fill in score sheet including date of game and name of opponent 
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before game time to be sure that scorecard is completed well in advance of game time


Timekeeper (1 person per home game) 

  • The timekeeper may also be responsible for using the air horn as needed. 
  • Since there are rarely scoreboards at most of the fields where field lacrosse is played, there must be more communication between the timekeepers and the referee to ensure the game is timed correctly. 
  • The timekeeper is responsible for keeping the time of both the game and any penalties called. 


Spotter/Air horn (1 person per away game) 

  • Will be familiar with the rules of youth field lacrosse and referee hand signals. 
  • Confirms referees calls, calls out ground ball pickups, goalie saves, scores and assists. 
  • Assists scorekeeper/team statistician and timekeeper. 


For more information: 

  • Referee hand signals: 
  • Boys’ rules: 
Field Crew (2-3 per team)
Line Maintenance 
Arrange for touch up lines if they are not crisp. Heavy rain may require weekly striping; good weather may only require every other week 
Game Day Readiness (home games only) 
  • Tear down goals and cones at home games only (when we are the last game of the day). 
  • Ball sweep throughout the games to maintain 4 balls at end line. 
  • Place 4 game balls at each end line and have 2-3 additional balls at scorekeeper’s table for referees. 
  • Set up goals and 7 cones on game day (when we are the first game of the day, setup one hour prior to game time). 
  • Arrange for EZ Ups to be brought to the field for scorekeeper’s table and players. 
  • Bring small cooler with 2 waters for the referees (to be located at the scorekeeper’s table). 
  • Set up the scorekeeper’s table and time clock at least 30 minutes prior to the game. 
Sideline Manager (3-4 per team)
This job involves ensuring that parent/spectator behavior is appropriate, and that any inappropriate behavior is addressed per guidelines. Parents volunteering for this position will be assigned games in rotation with the other sideline managers. Volunteering as a Sideline Manager requires no training and parents volunteering for other positions may also be required to volunteer as Sideline Manager as needed. 1 Sideline Manager is required for every home and away game.
  • The Sideline Manager is the cultural keeper of the team and must be PCA trained (by visiting website and reading training material). 
  • Handy trifold available as onsite guideline 
  • Employs techniques and processes for maintaining decorum during the game, and when necessary, handing out purple cards as noted in 
  • Assures spectators are seated only along the sideline opposite the side reserved for players and coaches, approximately 6 yards away from the sideline and never behind the end lines. 
  • In the rare event that a blue card must be issued or a game must be terminated, discuss the event with coaching staff who will discuss with the board and complete and submit a Sportsmanship Incident and Game Termination Report:
All of these documents are also available on the NCJLA website
Team Coordinator (1 per team)
Establish signup sheet for your team 
  • Update the signup list on as game times and locations change 
  • Contact the parents who have not signed up and ensure their participation 
  • Ensure reminders are being sent by website prior to games 
  • Each team needs to be entered as a separate group 
  • This will allow parents access to the signup sheet individually; signups will be visible to the team 
  • Refer to for team game schedule 
  • This should be established as soon as the season schedule is available and will need to be maintained throughout the season as new events are scheduled 


Communicate with the parents 

  • Updating the website with changes in game times/dates will give you the opportunity to send out notification emails automatically to those affected. 
  • Field concerns from parents about volunteer positions and relay to the Board or Club Parent Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Generally be available to answer questions about volunteer positions and distribute copies of job descriptions 
Communicate with Club Parent Volunteer Coordinator
  • As events develop, you may be asked to help identify people to volunteer for fundraisers, tournaments, end of the year parties, etc.
  • Any questions should be directed to Parent Volunteer Coordinator 


Team Manager (1 per team)

Confirm game times and locations with coaches and referees the week before games. Games cannot be played without this step, so this volunteer must be able to reliably handle this task in a timely manner and confirm completion of the task with the coach.